PT Meta Dwiguna Transcorp that was established in 2010 has grown to be one of major Motorcycle Main Dealers (Piaggio for sales area of  Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Selatan, Bekasi and Banten).

PT Meta Dwiguna Transcorp is part of MAS Group,  Holding Company ( Cars Dealer, Used Car, Light Vehicle Rental, Heavy Equipment Rental and Education).

MAS Group and all individuals who have worked and Contributed to the success story so far are committed to meet the challenge of the competitive global market .


  1. Network and long time experience dealing with commercial vehicle in Sumatera area
  2. Rental company and used car center for commercial vehicle which have been operated since 1997.
  3. Aggresive dealer team and group with qualified management.
  4. Willingness to invest for a qualified customer orientation network and organization.
  5. Based on quite big market opportunity for Hino to develop in South Sumatera, and our team are sure that both of us will be the best  partner to develop Hino market in South Sumatera.
  6. Commit to commence dealership operation immediately investing parallel in new 3S facility in own premises.
  7. Excellent access to Fleet & Governmental Sales as well as rental business.